Hello everyone…I’m not sure if ANYONE is reading this. But there may be a few followers left. Well..where have I been for the last 5 years? Oh my goodness…do I have a story to tell you.

It starts with when I quit blogging. Some of you may recall that I was struggling with my health. (That’s kind of an understatement) I had been in bed for 4 years straight. And we weren’t sure what to do. Well, in in the middle of all of that my husband decided to leave me. (Probably more on that later) And then I had a hysterectomy. (Probably more on that later too) And then I had an accidental overdose. (DEFINITELY more on that) And during that I didn’t get my bills for my website, because they took my phone and computer away from me while I was in treatment. Because I didn’t pay…they erased my WHOLE website. Everything is just GONE! Five years of work, just gone. (And that is some serious bulls&*t if you ask me)

So, I had to buy it back from some Middle Eastern man who charged me an arm and a leg for it. And then I’ve been trying to get it just the way I wanted it for about 2 years. It’s FINALLY ready. And I’m so excited to get going again.

I will probably start out with just writing to you at first…and then I will start incorporating my crafting and all of that other stuff that I used to do.

PS…I’m TOTALLY happy right now. My life has changed in so many FANTASTIC ways. #1 is this guy. He is my favorite person in the WORLD. (next to my kids, of course) And I’ll tell you our story in another entry.

Our wedding #1

All I know is…he is cute as a button. And I LOVE him to death.